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02-24-2005, 07:43 PM
Hi Grey!

Glad you're back in UK. I think you had a wonderful Tai Chi experience. Would you mind sharing them publicly or do you prefer to keep it for yourself? Chen Ying Jun is a wonderful teacher and person, so modest, he knows how to combine martial arts, health exercise and meditation. With him, he naturally merges the internal with the external, the sports side of TAi Chi with the meditative..... He is quite on the ground though, you can talk with him about Australian politics, how to improve public tranportation, banking, as well as about sports, surfing or spiritual path in Taoism alike. He also teaches essential principles to other forms and styles like Jan Silberstorff.

02-25-2005, 03:48 AM
Hi Melanie... nope I don’t mind sharing my experience with Chen Ying Jun at all...

Recently my family and I went for a brief trip home to NZ and Australia and I was lucky enough to have a friend arrange a couple of lessons of 2 hours each with Chen Ying Jun, (in retrospect I wish I had arranged more time and more lessons).

When we arrived in Australia I contacted Chen Ying Jun and confirmed the lessons and I also found out how to get to his place, he told me the rail station to get to and then he then told me he would pick me up at the station!! When I met him he was totally different to what I expected, relaxed and it immediately felt like we were old friends meeting again, even though I was quite nervous, he put me at ease very soon. We got to his place and started the lesson pretty much straight away, he asked me to run through my form and then stopped me half way through, as though the forms are the same they are performed differently (in the transitions mainly) as I practice the form via the lineage of Chen Qing Zhou. So we then concentrated on the principles and postures of taiji. He had me work on my Zhan Zhuang (admittedly something I lacked previously, not now though), corrected my posture a lot which I could feel right away and then we moved into the silk reeling exercises and again he showed me the correct way to perform these exercises. Not only did he show me the way to do them but the reason for doing them that way and I have to say I was amazed at how a little shift in posture could transform my form and how rooted I was after the shift. He explained everything so clearly and as Melanie said was so grounded. He talked about body mechanics and science while discussing the movement of Qi through the body in a way I found incredibly easy to understand and several things clicked into place. And one of the great things about the lessons was that he talked about and explained the applications of the movement and how the dynamics went into them. We also went over punching and how to punch correctly and then we did single postures like Dan Bian, which I could barely hold for five minutes before he took pity on me and called and end to the lesson. The two hours flew by so fast I was disappointed when they came to an end. We sat on his back veranda area and ate water melon brought out by his lovely wife and discussed several things from taiji to house buying.

The next lesson was of a similar plan. Zhan Zhuang again, this time my posture had improved from the day before but still needed correcting and he is magnificent in this. He makes little changes which makes such a difference. This time when we went over the Chan Si Jing exercises he made changes in my posture and movements. First he had me stop half way through the movement then pushed me over with very little pressure on his behalf, and then after the changes he pushed me again but this time I could direct the push down and didn’t get pushed over even when he increased the power of the push. He explained in easy to understand terms how this occurred and told me to maintain this feeling of posture throughout my forms. We then covered several static postures, where he corrected the form of the posture and told me of his days as a child learning taiji. In one posture (Liu Feng Si Bi) my left leg was shaking all over the place and we had a good laugh at that. He was always considerate and asked if I wished to stop, but it was fine. We had a break and again had some of the juiciest watermelon I have ever tasted, and then continued. At the end of the lesson he had me run through the form again and told me that I had made improvements. We also discussed how taiji is also about the mental aspect and not just physical. When we had finished the lesson he invited me to join him in some green tea (my first time trying that) and that was great. Just general chit chat.

Overall I would say that the experience was brilliant. Chen Ying Jun is a fantastic teacher and clearly explains the principles behind taiji and its movements and applications and makes it easy to understand. Not only did he explain how the principles work but he shows you how they work as well. I came away from the lessons having learned so much and with a greater understanding of taiji. I have to say I find it really hard to describe exactly what impact he had and how the whole experience felt. Suffice it to say that I feel that I have made great in-roads into my study and practice of taiji.

02-27-2005, 06:07 PM
Hi Grey!

We don't mean this thread as a promotion for Chen Ying Jun but it is simply a too fantastic experience. NOrmally I have to go to work after the lesson, so we barely have the chance to sit on the veranda. BTW last time he told me that he possibly would sign the contract to buy his unit on the same day. It is a 2-BR,has a special feature, 60sqm garden and very close to the station, so no need for him to pick up his students. Last time I brought him a rock melon, yummy..and he asked how I did know he liked melon.