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03-09-2005, 06:02 AM
Hi all,

I am looking forward to buy a taiji sword
but i am still confuse with all the stuff store sell over the net

some sword seems flexible some not
and also is it a blade lengh important
I saw so may different length

I will wait to find more information before buy this
as i miss knowlege a lots



Marc Heyvaert
03-10-2005, 03:23 AM

When you start with taiji sword your best option is to go for a simple flexible wushu type practice-sword. There are several reasons for this: (1) As the blade is flexible and not sharp you will not get hurt. It is also safer for the people you train with. (2) These swords are light in weight (about 400 gr.) and because the blade is thin they have a balance point close to the hilt, so they are easy to work with. This is important because as long as you are still learning the right way to manipulate the weapon, working with a sword that is too heavy may lead to problems.

Once you have practiced for a while and you really feel comfortable with the form you could switch to a sword with a more realistic blade, weight, balancepoint etc. But I would only consider this after a couple of years of practice. And even then it is not really necessary. These swords come in at approx. 800 gr. with a balance point varying from 2 to 4 inches away from the hilt. I use a relatively simple sword. Have a look:


I like it's weight and balance.

But there is a vast choice available at this webshop:

I don't know if you can order from overseas though, but it must be possible to find comparable swords in Canada....

The simple wushu sword I was refering to is on this page:


You can see that there are different lengths to choose from. When you hold the sword upright in your left hand in the starting position, the point should be level with your left earlobe.

Another thing is the tassle...If you go for a lightweight wushu sword a lightweight tassle should be enough. If the tassle is too long you can shorten it with a couple of extra knots. Don't use scissors because after training for a while it is not a bad idea to lenghten the tassle again. It will help you developping your technique. When you put the sword down with the point on the floor the tassle can be as long as half of the total sword length. Longer than this it becomes very unpractical.



03-12-2005, 05:34 PM
Many thanks you post pointed me on the good sword to buy

my big problems is i cant find my lenght of blade
the perfect blade for me is 29 inches (74 cm)

most sword come in 28 30 32 size

is it better to have more long than more short??

also another big problems in Canada is the hard to find store
i find one store who have the same Jian as you the paul Chen pratical sword

but the price is astronomic because of the canadaian law on weapon custon etc etc so this store alredy paid all so its price high

paul chen sword have very good reputation in japanese saber

I dont know in taichi probably same

so now i am looking with a USA store to see if it a problem to ship and how much on the custom in canada for a sword my size and the looks and price are good

i dont have all my answer yet so i will tell you later

you can see the sword at


now i have to check with usps and canada custom if good i think i will buy this one

if not :( i dont know

ok the tassel things if for balance??? i always tought its only for beauty??

cheers and enjoy your sword play