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03-09-2005, 08:13 PM
tai chi as an exercices tand to help to control sugar rate if you do tai chi regulary

for my self i like to wait 2 hours after a meal ( the time insulin is less active) to practice a big 1 hours

sometime after the practice my blood sugar is quit high
i dont understand why
but i noticed over all day of practice my basal insulin need is reduced but with type 1 diabetes its hard to make conclusion because usualy insulin schedule will always change over life

so its hard to point if taichi help or not

but if you do taichi on a daily basis i am sure you will notice a lower insulin intake

the bad side it is for a few days you are busy and stop your taichi you will have to adjust again the basal need

thats the hell with this deasise always need to very close to your body.

as for myself i do tai chi for trying to avoid or delay the diabetes complication not the sugar blood control

before i was in karate but i was not type 1 and now i am so easy to go in low blood sugar with activites so tai chi is the right for me



03-09-2005, 09:48 PM
Hi Fourquet:

Happy to hear that TC helps control your blood sugar! What style of TC are you doing? You're probably aware of TC for Diabetes, but if not this form may possibly help you even more.
Also, TC for Arthritis done VERY slowly is also good for blood sugar control. I have type 2 diabetes and with the medication and the TC's it's well under control. I know that type 1 is more difficult to control, so best of luck with it. Hope this helps you. Take care and best wishes.


03-09-2005, 10:23 PM
Type 1 is more unpredictable but even here exercise is likely to achieve better glucose control and thus avoid complication. Tai Chi also helps adrenalin control, agitation will cause lost of glucose control as well. I don't know short-term effects but in the long run I'm sure it would be better with than without Tai Chi. How you inject your insulin is significant and this will be individual to your condition and will change in your life. Many world class athletes are type 1 diabetics and I just wonder why karate caused you problems. Normally the need of insulin is reduced in people who exercise.

03-09-2005, 11:38 PM
I think i am just too easy to go hypoglycemia
if i folow karate class its too much intensive for me
I need juice intake in the middle of the class and after feel dizzy and not concentrated.

same for taichi very long session like 2 hours in a row

only that

so it why now I am learning Sun style with DR. Lam vhs
and still do my first taichi i learned at the local tai chi class ( Yang style derivated 108 form)

so when i schedule my self i can find the right time to do it and avoid the low

also somtime i do karate at home too :)

I think type 1 is different from poeples to poeples

as for my experience i dont know how olympic athle can do that

just for my last work ( beer brewer) i add to change for a more realax work because i was always in low

i think TCB is SUN style based so i will be ok with the 73 form i belive



03-09-2005, 11:48 PM
OH I just to forget to tell

japanese and chinese green tea while or after a meal
help my sugar intake control
it dos not inlfuence my insulin intake for the meal but the meal and insulin work in the better way
and i am back to normal BG rapidly after drinking 500ml of tea

yes its need a lots a tea to work


03-10-2005, 05:21 PM
Very interesting insight about chinese tea. Yes, I heard many positive reports but not sure about clinical trial. Very good!

You said you needed juice intake and had hypo? People who exercise incl Tai Chi need to take juice, energy drinks or muesli bars during exercise. After exercise they need both sustained carbos like salad sandwiches and fast-acting sugars like juice, muesli etc to replenish glycogen in the muscle. Also before more sustained carbos like milk, cereals, yoghurt etc...etc....In type 1 everybody is different but I think there is also the potential danger of prolonged hypoglycemia. Do you have a good dietitian and exercise physiologist who can work on your individual needs?

Do you mean TCD or TCB? TCD is Sun/Yang based, TCB sun with qi gong and new backpain research interwoven.

03-10-2005, 10:57 PM
There are a few studies on cinnamon and diabetes, maybe Stanton can do a search. The study with cinnamon was conducted in Germany. Also search google engine with keywords

03-12-2005, 05:22 PM
Yes i know for the need in carbs for exercices
its what i do just before any long exercices
like when i was taking taichi class 2 hours longs 30g of carbs was enought :)

Karate are different as its a millitary alike class so i prefer to do it at home my way

I dont have any dietetis or physio instructor for my condition
as i was instructed to calculate the carbs instake and not to follow a diet. (because of my work at this time) need to skip meal and work at shfit schedule

also my ex-girfriend we was 4 years together was a dietetist and she didnt understand well my situation
I think i dont belive in nutritionist poeples

I dont drink milk at all and other dairy products
I realy dont belive its a good for the human body

I have a fish alimantation with little bit meat
I try to avoid wheat and those gluten

so most of time I eat japanese rice and veggies

but i dont calculate any quantities i am a big meal eater

of course its not a religion i go to restauent i can have some dairy exemple i like pizza sometime

its very interesting about cinnamon first time i heard about it
my big problems if i dont like cinnanon haha
but i will try it RAW not in powder so lets see

big thanks for helping me :)
in a diabetes situation any advise are very important
Cheers and long healthy life


03-12-2005, 08:10 PM
Big meal eaters normally need to calculate. Just eat 5 small meals and try out what you can do and not. Was your girlfriend a clinical nutritionist? Many nutritionists only follow research and not sensitive enough to the individual human body


Please don't say this does not fit in into Tai Chi. Tai Chi for diabetes as you know, regardless of the set, has to do with diet and individual rhtyhm

03-12-2005, 09:49 PM
Usualy i eat twice a day
no breafest at all

so my 2 others meal are big

need to calculate what?
i only calculate the carbs intake for insulin ratio intake

my ex-girlfriend work in a senior poeples center she do the menu and particular meal for some poeples

I think she's good she do what she learned at school

my doctor for diabetes told me if i gain weight he will put me more restriction

if my weight is good and with good control he dont mind the way i do


03-14-2005, 05:38 AM
As a practitioner of taiji for over 7 years and also a type 1 diabetic i think i've a little experience to share on this one.
never ever inject in your leg or buttocks before taiji, the intense glycogen depletion (esp from zhang zhuan) can cause a lot of pain, i don't know why but the lactic acid gets laid down in bucket loads, bad shakes and possible leg weakness for a day or so.
proper hydration (preferably a good sports drink and not pre prepared shop versions i.e. gatorade or the demon red bull as many include high levels of caffiene or taurine which won't help your kidneys later on life) throughout the class is very important for everyone but esp diabetics.
please eat breakfast, even if its just a bowl of cornflakes, you're signing your life away with that one and if your planning of putting your body through any strain during the rest of the day it just makes matters worse, because taiji and the other neijia arts work on constant tension of the leg muscles it burns up a lot of muscle glycogen and without regular feeding your thighs will become tired and sore leading to higher regularity of hypos, another recipe for disaster.
talk to your physician about your exercise regime, take blood sugar levels during class time to find how the exercise effects your blood sugar so you can work out how to change your insulin schedule and in my experience changing your basal slow release dose is not helpful in terms of controlling exercise related hypos but eating more prior to or during the taiji (and any good teacher won't mind you munching in class and if they do leave and find a better one who appreciates their students).
also make sure which teas you are drinking, some can have a stimulant effect and will have the opposite effect you are looking for (i occasionaly go mad and practice xingyi on ginseng but normally keep glucose tabs handy and suck on them whilst practicing to keep the blood sugar up).
best of luck with the practice it really does have a +ve effect on your diabetes and remember good blood sugar control now means less problems later, taiji is not a contigency plan it is about your illness now, not tomorrow or in your old age.