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04-04-2005, 11:18 PM
Has anybody in this Forum had any encounter with the urge to apply fajing skills? It could be fighting, daily physical tasks or little jobs in the household.

I just would like to share one story:
Praise the Lord and thank HIM for never letting me enter a situation where I needed to fight. But...........I locked myself out on a weekend and was reluctant to call these locksmiths who were eager to rip off anybody who locked themselves out on a weekend. The solution was to take the matter in my own hands or more accurately feet. My hands could suffer painful injury

My teacher gave me exercises to practice kicks and punches aiming at a physical point drawn on the wall or a blackboard. It helps you focus on a small spot and channel your qi with a more concentrated intention(yi).

I remembered all the principles, posture and took a stance in comfortable distance to the door. Then I inhaled slowly while applying abdominal breathing, tapped strength from the air and quickly delivered a Chen Style right-heel kick exactly at the keyhole. There was a crashing sound as though a burglar broke in into the house and the door was open. The door was undamaged except of a few cracks around the keyhole, my teacher would have done it without any crack.

On the Monday thereafter I had to call the locksmith to repair the damage. He was quite astonished as I said I did it with Tai Chi. "I thought it was a relaxing exercise." he wondered. There was a cost for the repair of the damage and a new lock system but it would have been necessary for the locksmith to break the system.
"You have saved some money by breaking in without any skill as a locksmith. I think I am going to take up some Tai CHi to make my job easier." he laughed and was amused. He would have to charge me for breaking in but now that I have learnt Tai Chi he only needed to replace the system.

Tai CHi has many benefits, hasn't it? Is there anybody here who experienced similar advantages from their fa jing practice?

04-05-2005, 06:05 AM
:D This Saturday I was practicing Xingyi with our Xingyi/Bagua club. The instructor suggested we practice the Beng Chuan, crushing fist. Everyone assumed Shi San Ti , layed their right fist out and "stomped" into the first position. There was a brilliant flash, crash, and the building shook. It was only the opening salvo of a severe thunderstorm, but Paul grinned and commented that we had clearly all been working on our Fa jing during the week.

That aside, I've had several occasions to try and peel somebody off of some one else. Usually simply prying and pulling won't do the trick. Sometimes tricks like pinching their nose shut and covering their mouth to make them reach for you cannot be employed. In that case, it has sometimes been a matter of choosing a position to grip, "relaxing and gathering" internally, and then "exploding" (emitting fa jing?) to break the hold. -Bill

04-23-2005, 09:32 PM
Several of the systems for nonviolent management of violent behavior in hospitals etc. clearly have TCC influence/roots. Not long ago we were trying to herd a big man who was in alprazolam withdrawal delirium, seeing bugs and snakes, etc., and somehow he got past two aides, leaving only me between him and the door. Somehow I pushed once and he was on the bed. I still don't know precisely what I did. He was not hurt. Fa jing? Whatever it was, I am grateful and inclined to credit TCC practice.

Richard Livingston MD