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06-06-2005, 04:58 AM
HI all

as Soraya asked me to start a new thread about the QI topic

we was talking about static QiGong
and side effect on QI

also i invite all poeples here to share
experience about QI

how the QI manifest inside the body

How to store QI

etc etc...

06-07-2005, 06:44 AM
maybe nobody like the qi LOL

06-07-2005, 07:47 AM

Everybody expresses and feels qi differently on different days. Dr. Lam said on the other thread that elite athletes feel the flow differently on different days, sometimes it just goes like......wow... and sometimes it goes a bit less. I remember that last month Chen YIng JUn said that the qi or energy is different everyday and naturally our form is different, sometimes good, sometimes less good. This is the normal rhythm of the human body and it is important to accept that one just needs to go with the flow. Even when your form is worse on one day, just continue practicing and the next day it will be good again.

AS to myself, very often I experience my qi as an "inner teacher". When I make a mistake or have some deficiency in my essential principles, my qi says"click" and exactly like being directed by an autopilot my form is adjusted by itself. When I feel uncomfortable somehow, I notice that my qi tries to tell me that something is not right e.g. my head is not straight, my waist tense, my peng jing missing etc.....CYJ also said that the qi will simply correct your principles by itself once you have reached a certain level in Tai Chi

When I have a headache I visualize my qi as a laser beam reaching the top of my head, the acupuncture Bahui, a point where the qi enters and exits. NO good acupuncturist will leave out treating this point and with this exercise I can cure my headache very often. Since I moved to the North of Sydney and I can't see Paul when I have a problem, I have to survive by myself. I think my qi is also the "inner doctor"

06-08-2005, 12:51 PM
what exactly modern scientific communaute think about the qi

what is exactly chi?

can it be detected by apparatus
heat detector etc etc

what its constitution? magnetism field
electrical field ???

how are the studies on the QI topic???

06-08-2005, 10:21 PM
I wonder if the aura in Kirlian photographs are actually caused by Chi fields.

One time I came across a shop selling crystals, which would recommend the type of crystals suitable for you based on analysing your aura as seen in a kirlian photograph.

06-08-2005, 11:01 PM
I remember the time as I was a 1-year medical student. To deepen my understanding and as a balance to the mechanistic viewpoint of Western medicine I took up a few acupuncture and homeopathy courses, became a member of the Rudolf Steiner society. This was Germany where anything beyond scientific explanation is much more accepted by both doctors and patients.

One of the participants was a young physicist and naturopath who was engaged in a university project where the theory of chi was researched related to both theories of relativity(Einstein) and quantum physics. Unfortunately I lost contact with him.

Meanwhile there are a few books with different views and approach re. this subject. While surfing google I came across this site and hopefully it helps:


06-09-2005, 05:22 PM
Qi is certainly mysterious but sometimes knowable. To read about it, I like the writings of Prof. Yang, Zwing-Ming esp. "The Root of Chinese QiGong"--this book includes much specific and general info from this PhD in electrical engineering/TCC master.

Bring American Indian myself, I find the parallels between our ancestral healing methods and traditional Chinese medicine very interesting.

Richard Livingston, MD

06-12-2005, 02:15 AM
Hi Richard,
What are some of the similarities between TCM and Traditional American Indian medicine?

Anyways, if you can believe Gavin Menzies book 1421, he thinks that there is a DNA link between American Indians and Chinese.


Synopsis of Evidence Exclusive

Gavin Menzies would like to thank the thousands of people who have sent in new evidence after 1421 was published. As a result of your evidence, the following important discoveries have been made since his book was published.

1. DNA tests show that in the Americas today there are 18 peoples whose forebears were settlers from Zheng He’s fleets. These people have lived separate lives to other native Indian peoples from that day to this. Many still understand Chinese and practise Chinese customs. China had thus settled the Americas before Columbus set sail - and done so on a grand scale.

2. By 1424 the Chinese had set up a world wide trading Empire. Not only did the first European explorers have maps (based on earlier Chinese ones), which showed them the way to the New World, but also they found an established international trading system when they got there.

3. There is extensive Chinese heritage (genes) in Native American Indian populations - far more than has hitherto been accepted. Some American Indian people’s DNA is so close to Chinese they could be deemed to be Chinese.

4. The Maya of the Yucatan peninsular are Chinese (DNA) Late Maya art of Yucatan is often Chinese art.

5. Some of the Inca people of Peru and Chile are Chinese (DNA) The Inca hierarchy, notably Viracocha, was made up of Zheng He’s Admirals. Their secret language was Phaspa. Fernando Llosa Porras and Reverend Ranking were correct. Chile or “Chi-Le” was a directly ruled dependency of China. The “Giants” of Patagonia were Mongolians.

06-12-2005, 11:07 PM
The parallels between TCM and American Indian healing could require an essay by a real scholar. Suffice it to say that both emphasize balance, harmony, and the person as part of the environment, not superimposed upon it. The concept of "do hi" in Cherokee, for example, is usually translated as "peace" but it means more, like properly fitting in one's place and role and psychologically "relaxed into it," harmonious. In Cherokee the verb for being grateful is the same as the verb for rejoicing...

I knew the Bering Strait theory would suggest our ancestors may have been the same as those of modern Chinese but the DNA story is fascinating, thanks.

Richard Livingston, MD