View Full Version : Tai Chi in daily activities.

08-30-2004, 04:52 AM
Sometimes I find it quite hard to train formally, such as this morning, we have stuff for sorting spread across the biggest room in the house, and it was decided the grass needed cutting and the garden needed attention, so nowhere to practice formally!

I do try to carry my practice into normal every day activities. Commuting on often over crowded buses and trains helps mepractice transfering my weight to keep balance. In my work I have to go along rows of shelves checking books, this helps me step sideways. Our kitchen is very small so when we have all three of us I have to practice stepping round things. While walking, sitting or standing I work on my posture. While sitting at my desk to add my results to the spread sheet I place my work in such away I practice turns and stretches.

Doesn't replace a proper training session, but when space is at a premium we have to make compromises and strike a blalance. Everything is about getting the right balance.

:cool: How does everyone else, if at all, include tai chi in everyday activities?:) :) :)