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11-28-2004, 05:23 PM
RE: 'What makes a good T.C. teacher?' After
so many responses, of such high quality and
sincerity, I demure...BUT! having just started my
own class ( of five beginners),I would like to
say that ,in my opinion, a good T.C. teacher is
one who can quickly get a student moving in
authentic T.C. style ( and there is certainly no
doubt about what THAT is, right?). To be able
to teach a student how to achieve 'Soong' at
the outset is paramount. Also, the ability to in-
vent imagery for, say, 'Raise the Hands' in
Yang style, such as ...it is just like taking a
beach towel and flipping it up with a snap to
clear off sand (only in super-slow T.C. style)
is extremely helpful to beginners. One other
aspect I am emphasizing is the Zen adage-
'From great discipline comes great freedom'.
Other details like smiling gently, shaking out frequently, not using the toes (at all) and be-
ing predisposed to finding euphoria thru T.C.
are what I'm teaching. [ me shut hole now ]. Y.

11-28-2004, 05:35 PM
Congra YIn for your class. Yes, the thing with the guided imagery helps a lot. To be honest, apart from Paul and Jan, we learnt much methodology/psychology from non-Taichi teachers. From dancers, surfers, Wing Chunists etc.........I just remember my mother taught opening movements in Yang style, imagine an invisible energy cloud is driving your hands up, don't use your own energy. Pressing down the hands, pressing down the cloud against light resistance.

We mostly speak English, although sung is hard to translate as relax. Therefore we do guided meditation of loosening and stretching the major joints and lengthening the torso. Doing this sort of meditation also helps to compensate the fighting spirit with peaceful meditation

Interesting enough Mozart, a rather playful individual, said a similar thing. Without discipline and structure there will be no freedom. When you play his pieces, there is a lot of structured harmony, clear metrum and rhythm so this is very accurate discipline. The lightness in his music couldn't be imagined without this