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Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD

This modified seated version of Tai Chi for Arthritis can be enjoyed by anyone wishing to practice Tai Chi sitting down. People with almost any chronic condition can learn to improve their health and mobility. This safe easy-to-learn program relieves pain and improves health and quality of life.

Health Professionals and carers using this program with people with disabilities can share quality time with them while improving their own health. It is suitable for people who are either unable to walk or are required to be seated, e.g. while in flight.

Dr Lam teaches this program as though you are participating in his class, demonstrating each movement step-by-step. Dr Lam goes through each lesson with you and explains how to incorporate the tai chi principles into your practice and daily life.

Please share your experiences with this DVD, the link to the instructional DVD:

Dr Paul Lam
Tai Chi productions/Tai Chi for Arthritis
4 Fisher Place Narwee NSW 2209
Phone 61 2 9533 6511
Fax 61 2 9534 4311
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Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD

One of the new titles, SEATED TCA, could be deceiving to those of us who already have had experience in teaching TCA seated, but there is more to learning this form then just doing the upper body movements.

Dr Lam has devised a way to increase muscle strength in the legs, and movement in the knee and hip joints while seated in this new DVD, that will revolutionize the teaching of seated tai chi.

This DVD is a must for those who teach in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or have any students that are unable to practice standing.

I incorporate this seated version in all my classes, and receive feedback from students, health care providers and others in amazment of how beneficial this new format is to them.

Everyone should give it a try - you never know when Seated TCA will be indicated in your life or those of your students.
tca instructor
memphis, Tn
Shelia Rae
Master Trainer
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I originally bought this for my husband who ha osteoarthritis. He uses it sometimes.

The person who asks for it most is my almost 5 year old step son who calls it his exercises. We do it together and have great fun.

When we get to the parts where we hold an imaginary ball, our lad gets his foam football and uses it during the exercises.

We have great fun doing it together. I am diabetic and it seems to be helping me control that too.
Love and health
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Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD

Today I received a nice letter from a nun at a monestery in rural Northwest Missouri, which I'd like to share. But first, a little background. Last fall, one of the Catholic sisters at the monestery contacted me, having heard about Tai Chi for Arthritis classes starting in connection with the hospital where I work. She was trying to arrange transportation to attend, but was unable to get weekly rides for the nearly one-hour trip to our town. I sent her Dr. Lam's Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD, and offered off-site help by phone or mail with any questions as she practiced on her own. Apparently she not only suffers from arthritis, but also has a serious foot condition. When the Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD became available recently, I immediately thought of Sister, and mailed a copy without asking in advance. Here's part of her letter:

"What a wonderful surprise to receive your kind letter and new DVD, Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis. It is really remarkable to do so much Tai Chi sitting! I had been trying to do some of the (original DVD), and if I get stronger doing the seated version I will again try the first since it helps a lot with balance. I know other Sisters will like to see the DVD too. I feel confident the use of Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis will be of great help to me. I know it takes time to do all very slowly as Dr. Lam says. As far as my health, I now need to wear (special) shoes, and I hope that poor circulation in my leg and foot can be healed or helped by Tai Chi. The DVD has put me on the road to painless walking."

What comes next? I'm thinking of offering to travel on occasion to the monestery to instruct Tai Chi for Arthritis lessons. Perhaps it will become another venue to also instruct other Tai Chi for Health forms, Osteoporosis, Diabetes or Back Pain. It's amazing what windows of opportunity open when you least expect it. Tai Chi for Health Community just diversified and expanded in our part of the world.

Ernestine (Ernie) Hall
St. Joseph, Missouri
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Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD

The way this DVD invites you to join a lesson with Dr Lam and his class is innovative and very effective. I like the menu set up that enables students to choose to review a lesson, learn a new move, participate in the warm ups & cool downs etc. all from one screen.
The form is well explained and taught with good visualization cues and some of the Tai Chi principles are seamlessly included with just enough explanantion on how & when to incorporate them to suit beginners, and also to remind those with more experience to keep improving on those principles.
Dr Lam's way of including some muscle strengthening for the legs during this form is a real bonus.The introductions from TC trainers and health professionals are well supported by evidence and presented in plain language for all users.

Anyone who does TCA and certainly those who teach it should have a go at seated TCA, and continue to do it on a regular basis. The core strength that is achieved doing seated TCA is remarkable, especially for those who do it while "actively sitting" (ie away from the back support of the chair). The improvements in lower back pain and trunk stability when going about activities of daily living or walking have been reported by my students many times.
This DVD is a great asset to your collection of resources. And you just have to see the joy on Sheila Rae's face as she presents her sections to know that this is something that a lot of very good TC players feel passionate about. Thanks for this!
Maree Lamb
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Hmmm...This modified seated version of Tai Chi for Arthritis can be enjoyed by anyone wishing to practice Tai Chi sitting down. People with almost any chronic condition can learn to improve their health and mobility.
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A Moving Event

Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD is a wonderful tool for teaching people Tai Chi who have limited mobility or chronic pain.

Seated TCA is also useful for people in transit in air plane, train, bus, or car. I have practiced these movements while watching relaxing TV. One friend has a healthy active young child who prefers seated TCA.

I attended the two day pre-conference workshop in Terre Haute, Indiana USA in June 2011. Jef Morris, a Master Trainer, presented seated Tai Chi for Arthritis. The room was alive with quiet energy and unity of spirit in this moving form created by Dr. Paul Lam and other experts. There is dynamic qi flow is these exercises that energizes from head to toe.

Dahlis Roy
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