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im new on the site and am looking for some advice .
ive been practcing tai chi and yoga for about two years and am enjoying it hugely , unfortunatly i also have an inguinal hernia for 10 years, i wear a truss ( support belt ) and hoped that it would clear with the help of streaching. the problem is that when i open my legs for any strech ( like warrior pose, horse stance or lunges ) the hernia drops slighly below the truss, also when i do the form. this is very frustrating as i dont want to antagonize the hernia, i am booked for surgery but not untill next year and i dont want to stop practicing for the whole year.
any advace would be helpful or if anyone has been in a similar situation
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Go to this website: http://www.comforthouse.com/ther.html and take a look at the Manshape 1101 Support Briefs. These are high quality, high riding briefs and should work for either a man or a woman.
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Many people continue to practice tai chi with hernia, as for most tai chi, the exertion level is no more than walking. It is important to heel your health professional's advice what you can or cannot do, that said taken care and work within medical advice - tai chi can help you staying health for the operation.
Best Wishes

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