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Janice Smallwood
Instructors Name: Janice Smallwood
School: Pueblo W. Park & Rec. dept.719-547-7400
Suburb: Pueblo
State: Colorado
Country: United States
Phone: 719-547-9059
Instructor Profile: Jan first began teaching in 2009 at her local Park and Recreation Center in Pueblo West, the AKKA (American Kenpo Karate Association) of Pueblo, and then at a Ladies of America Club (LOA). Branching out into the wider area of Pueblo County, she now teaches for S.R.D.A. (Senior Resource and Development Agency) at the Pueblo Nature and Rapture Center. With the Arkansas River as a backdrop, she facilitates seven classes a week, from beginner and intermediate levels of TCA to an advance class of the Sun 73 Forms in a 30 yurt! With a new TCO class at the LOA along with a TCD class at the Nature Center, Ms. Smallwood is quite busy.

Jan received her first certification for Tai Chi for Arthritis I on February 20, 2009, followed with TCA II on June 13, 2009, both from MT Mearl Thompson.

In October, 2009, she completed the Exploring the Depth of the TCA program with Dr. Paul Lam in Teller County, CO. In June, 2010, she attended the Summer Workshop in Tacoma, WA, completing the Sun 73 Forms with MT Robin Malby and MT Jef Morris. While there, she was also certified in Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis by MT Jef Morris.

October 15-16/17-18, 2010, Ms. Smallwood completed her certifications for Tai Chi for Diabetes and Tai Chi for Osteoporosis with MT Dr. Pam Kircher in Pueblo, CO. Jan also is studying Yang style locally, and continues to travel to Denver, CO regularly to further her understanding and training of taijichuan with MT Mearl Thompson through QiGong, Push Hands and Forms. She is also a second level Reiki practitioner and a TCHC member.

Jan organized the first Tai Chi/Qigong Day during April, 2010 for Pueblo County. In a combined project, including three other local TCA teachers, 40 participants braved the cold by the river to warm their chi through sharing the day and form together. In September, 2010, she organized and assisted MT Thompson during certification training for TCA I and II sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation in Denver, CO, with AF director Isabelle Stohler.

In a combined effort with Teller County teachers, Ms. Smallwood has planned and organized an ongoing, monthly teacher enrichment of the Sun 73 Forms with MT Thompson. Looking to the future, she is in the planning stage of implementing the Tai Chi for Health programs at the Colorado State University at Pueblo through their Sports and Recreation Department.
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Instructor Qualifications:
Certified Tai Chi for Osteoporosis Instructor
Certified Tai Chi for Diabetes Instructor
Senior Trainer
Tai Chi for Energy

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