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Robin Malby
Instructors Name: Robin Malby
Suburb: Concord
State: CA
Country: United States
Phone: 925 381 3097
Instructor Profile: Robin has practiced Tai Chi since 1999 and has taught it for twelve years. Once an elementary school teacher, Robin personally experienced the healing properties of Qi Gong and Tai Chi after suffering a back injury and prolonged illness. Dr. Paul Lam�s TCA program helped her strengthen muscles; develop stamina and a more balanced nervous system. Inspired, she became certified by Dr. Paul Lam in the Tai Chi for Arthritis Program in 2001 in order to help and teach others to improve their overall health through Tai Chi. Since that time she has become certified in all of Dr. Lam's Tai Chi for Health Programs.

Robin has attended nine of Dr. Paul Lam�s Week long Tai Chi Conferences in the U.S., taught TCA, 73 Sun Style and Yang 24 courses at three of them and trained for her Master Trainer certification in Sydney, Australia.Week long training intensives include; Sun Style 73 Competition Form, In Depth Sun Style 73 Competition Form, Yang Style 24 Form, and 54 movement Tai Chi Fan Form. Robin returned to Australia in 2013 to study the 42 Combined Forms. Robin has attended, assisted and organized multiple TCA In Depth workshops with Dr. Paul Lam. She became a Senior Trainer for Dr. Paul Lam�s Tai Chi for Health Programs in 2007 and a Master Trainer in 2008. In September, 2005, Robin completed a 200 hour QiGong/Tai Chi certification program at the Omega Institute in New York where she trained in Integral Qi Gong and Tai Chi forms developed by Roger Jahnke, OMD.

Robin gives local talks and demonstrations in her community on the health benefits of Tai Chi, speaking at local hospitals and health fairs. She conducts regional skills workshops for TCA instructors in her area and organizes/teaches TCA and TCD instructor certification workshops. Currently Robin teaches Qi Gong, Meditation, TCA/TCD,TCO, Yang 24 form, combined 42 and Sun 73 Form classes at east bay area locations.
Class Information: Classes held in Concord and Pleasant Hill, CA
Other Location:
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Instructor Qualifications:
Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor Update
Certified Tai Chi for Diabetes Instructor
Master Trainer
Certified Tai Chi for Beginners Instructor
Tai Chi for Energy
Certified Master Tai Chi for Diabetes Instructor
Certified Master Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor
Premier Instructor

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